Heart-Based Hospitality Is the Future of Hospitality

The future of hospitality lies in understanding and working with energy, particularly heart-based energy; and in changing the focus of hospitality from the implementation of emotionless, operational SOPs to infusing every SOP with the forgotten spiritual essence of hospitality, which lies in unconditional love, and in particular in loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. This can be achieved by changing the way staff training and development is traditionally and typically carried out.

One day, hospitality throughout the hotel industry will be heart-based, energetic, and rooted in its true essence of unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. Hotels and hotel groups that refuse to move on from SOP-Customer Satisfaction will fade away.

As hotels progress up the never-ending ladder of Heart-Based Hospitality everything that the employees do leaves its mark more and more indelibly in the hearts of the guests; even ordinary tasks, such as placing a cup of coffee next to a guest. Everything becomes an energetic and spiritual experience that creates warm feelings.



I say “never-ending” because there is no ceiling to unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. By developing their spiritual capacity hotel staff can infuse their guest interactions with limitless unconditional love. This may sound idealistic, but we are actually wired to love each other, but in hotels, the mechanistic, corporate, shareholder-oriented concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction stifles this.

The starting point is to accept that there are limitless levels or degrees of hospitality above what is called 5 Stars, which is based on the worn-out concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction. However, it may be at least another generation before this is recognized and accepted in the hotel industry, such is the grip of tradition. Heart-Based Hospitality enables you to reach those unlimited, higher levels without having to change the material aspects of your property. One day, the hotel industry will wake up to the business potential of Heart-Based Hospitality.

Heart-Based Hospitality goes beyond its predecessor, Creating Truly Memorable Experiences, which the hotel industry diluted many years ago quickly back down to the level of SOP-Customer Satisfaction by removing and ignoring its energetic and spiritual essence. May Heaven forbid that unconditional love should be allowed into hospitality! Heart-Based Hospitality infuses every aspect of the operation with this spiritual essence, and as a result, the guest experience is much softer, gentler, and much more loving-kind compared to the hotel industry norm. You can get an idea of what I mean by the spirit of softness and gentleness in this advertisement.

To create softness, employee training, and development makes use of very different techniques to those used typically in hotels. The name, Heart-Based Hospitality, is used because you create this level of hospitality by developing heart coherence and the powers of the heart.

The heart is not just a pump of blood. It is our other brain. It creates the body’s electromagnetic energy field, and when you develop the powers of the heart, and at the same time develop the spiritual capacity of the staff and deepen them in the essential spiritual values of hospitality, they become their authentic, beautiful selves without the mask and their true, loving nature blossoms. Also, the frequency of their energy field increases, and other people feel this energy.



There is no rocket science here. It’s very simple! But the hotel corporate world, which provides direction for the hotel industry, has simply lost its way.

When you develop the staff’s thought energy and heart energy the hospitality that they provide becomes wonderfully warm. The 11 Elements provides the structure so that the warm spirit of hospitality can grow continuously.

You need all of the elements and techniques used in Heart-Based Hospitality to create hospitality at those undiscovered levels above 5 Stars. By expanding on the 11 Elements, Heart-Based Hospitality will reach unimagined levels of energetic and spiritual hospitality.

In the future, the energy vibration, softness, and gentleness of a hotel’s hospitality and physical environment will be its distinguishing factor, and marketing will focus on these areas; not just on the physical aspects and on the hotel’s efficiency in carrying out the SOPs as is normal now. That future can start today for any hotel. Why wait for a generation of time to pass?