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Hotels usually just have a general orientation programme for new employees. We can create for you a vision statement deepening manual, which will deepen the employees in the hotel’s mission and vision statement and in the essential spiritual values of hospitality, i.e. loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

The vision statement deepening manual deepens the new employees in the spirit and feel of Heart-Based Hospitality and shows them how to infuse the guest experience with loving-kindness, heart-warming care, and compassion. It serves to deepen understanding about the vision, to soften the heart, and to provide practical ways to provide hospitality at the level of Heart-Based Hospitality.

There will be enough deepening material for a daily session of 5-10 minutes for 2-3 years.

The material includes ideas, pictures, stories that touch the heart and inspire, stories that illustrate points, and spiritual quotations that reflect the core values and spirit of a Heart-based Hospitality guest experience. The main sections are:

Part 1:               The Hotel’s Mission and Vision Statement

Part 2:               Thought Energy and the Heart Energy Field

Part 3:               The Hotel’s Core Values

Part 3.1:            Loving Kindness and heart-Warming Care

Part 3.2:            Compassion

Part 3.3:            Empathy

Part 3.4:            Customer Service that Exudes Customer Service That Exudes Loving Kindness, Heart-warming Care, Compassion,

                          Empathy, Creativity, and a Sincere Desire to Create Memorable Experiences

Part 3.5:            Mystery and Guest History Information

Part 3.6:            Passion and Enthusiasm

Part 3.7:            Win-Win Thinking and Teamwork

Part 3.8:            Teamwork and Team Spirit

Part 3.9:            Learning and Growth

Part 3.10:          Integrity, Character, and Respect

Part 4:               Heart-Centred Living

Part 5:               11 Energetic Ways to Change Your Energy, to Become More Heart-Centred, and to Make Yourself Happier

Part 6:               Exercises to Develop Heart Intelligence and Intuition

Part 7:               Energy Medicine Exercises to Improve Your Health and Body’s Energy

Part 8:               The Hotel’s Expectations of the Employees

Part 9:               Summary and Commitment Plan