This e-book shows hoteliers how to create a spirit of hospitality that is impossible to create with the globally pervasive, standards manual-based concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

Heart-Based Hospitality is an energetic and spiritual concept of hospitality, and it provides a completely new direction in hospitality. It is based on creating an ever-increasing spirit of unconditional love, metta loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, which are the forgotten essence of hospitality, and infusing the whole guest experience with this spirit.

By working with energy, especially heart-based energy, and by developing the spiritual capacity of the staff you can create limitless levels of spiritual and energetic hospitality far above the traditional SOP-Customer Satisfaction ceiling.

As you develop Heart-Based Hospitality you can increase the softness, gentleness, grace, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care of the staff and the energetic warmth of the hospitality without limit.

Heart-Based Hospitality is a concept and a direction that enables the spirit of hospitality to evolve energetically and spiritually. It will revolutionise the hospitality industry. I call the level Heart-Based Hospitality because it is created by working with human energy, especially with the energy of the heart; by developing the heart’s intelligence; by increasing heart coherence so as to open the heart to experience ever-stronger emotions of unconditional love; and by developing spiritual capacity which increases the desire to show unconditional love, metta loving-kindness, heart-warming care, and compassion from the heart.

The future hospitality experience will be energetic and spiritual. Hotels in the future will also use heart field energy techniques to change the energetic vibration of the hotel staff, the guests, and spaces. They will also infuse spaces, facilities, and guest accommodation with pleasant-feeling energy through specific meditations. They will also learn how to develop the spiritual capacity of their employees.

I have written the book in order to bring about a revolution of change in the hotel industry. The book shows hotels how to implement and develop the process of creating Heart-Based Hospitality.

Part 1, the Introduction to the book, explains what the book is about. Click here.

Here is the Contents page of the book:

Section 1: The Foundation for Creating a Heart-Based Hospitality Guest Experience

  • This section starts off by examining the fundamental problem with the spirit of hospitality being faced by the global hotel industry, which is stuck in the Rut of Tradition with the emotionless SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept, and offers a solution. The section then goes into detail about the spiritual nature and essence of Heart-Based Hospitality and describes ways to use thought energy and heart energy to create hospitality that is infused with the spiritual essence of hospitality, namely unconditional love, compassion, loving-kindness, and heartwarming care. It summarizes some scientific evidence, which validates the energy techniques used; and explains how to open and soften the hearts of the staff in order to create Heart-Based Hospitality as well as what hoteliers must be good at doing to create Heart-Based Hospitality.

Section 2: The Role of Energy in Creating Heart-Based Hospitality    

  • This section explains the fundamentals of energy, the human energy field, thought energy, and heart energy; the importance of heart coherence in creating Heart-Based Hospitality and how to create it; how thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be channeled to have a wonderful effect on the staff, the guests, and the hotel environment; and how energy can be used to increase the happiness and feeling of well-being of the staff and instill the desire to show increasing amounts of unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

Section 3: The 13 Pillars of a Heart-Based Hospitality Guest Experience       

  • As the Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience is being created, a process involving energy techniques, heart coherence exercises, leadership behaviours; and systems is needed so that the hospitality experience takes root. The 13 Pillars is that process. Using energy techniques becomes the norm; spiritual capacity is developed regularly; and the desire to show unconditional love,  loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care grows stronger and stronger.

    Section 4: Articles About Creating a Heart-Based Hospitality Guest Experience

    • I have included some articles because I think that they will help to encourage the reader to want to experiment with Heart-Based Hospitality. The articles point out the inadequacies of SOP-Customer Satisfaction, show why it is an obsolete concept, describe the nature of Heart-Based Hospitality, and urge hoteliers to rise up to this level.

    Section 5: The Author and Final Comments        

    • When the hotel industry discovers that the means to creating energetic and spiritual hospitality far above SOP-Customer Satisfaction is closer than one’s life’s vein, there will be a massive change in the hotel industry.


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