This workshop has a different focus compared to most training skills workshops of this kind. The main focus is on how to conduct skills training in a way that each step of each skill includes the core values of the vision statement, and especially care, warmth, love for fellow human beings, compassion, and empathy.

The main demonstration by the Facilitator shows not just how to organize and carry out the skills training session, but also how to ask questions that have the learners say or try to work out the standards without the Trainer having to state them. This results in more effective training. The questioning technique also enables the Trainer to bring in reference to the vision statement regularly so that the way skills are carried out by the staff is not separated from the core values and the spirit of service stated in the vision statement.

The workshop is extremely practical and it does not include any dull sessions on theory, the main emphasis being on developing training skills and on how to train skills in the spirit of the vision statement; or better as the case may be as some vision statements are very dull and spirit-less.

The participants learn the common mistakes made by skills Trainers.

There is also an activity in which the participants revise the contents of the workshop by using the guidelines provided to train each other how to conduct skills training.

The workshop includes inspiring stories, videos, songs, and music that serve to create the desire in the learners to want to make the effort to develop their team members.  There are also some videos that motivate and encourage the learners during a training session.

In addition, there will be a section on how to align daily training and the bi-weekly or monthly departmental skills training plans with the hotel’s vision statement.