Have you ever been in a room or an area of a building and felt immediately that you either liked it or didn’t like it? Or, have you ever met someone and felt immediately that you liked the person or felt uneasy or uncomfortable being with them? Most likely, you have experienced one of these situations. Why did you feel like you did?

Very simply, we have an energy field all around our body and we radiate energy all the time that carries energetic information about our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When we are in the presence of energy that has a different frequency, we feel it at once. If we meet a loving and kind person who is radiating a higher frequency vibration, their energy will feel pleasant. But if we meet an angry or unhappy person, the low frequency of their energy will lower our own energy vibration and we will feel the change as being unpleasant.

Everything around us is pure energy. Not only is everything made up of energy, but that energy is actively vibrating. Every single thing, living or inanimate, is made up of energy, and it’s all vibrating.

Employees at Heart-Based Hospitality hotels practise certain kinds of meditations that raise their energy vibration and open their hearts more. You know that their energy vibration increases because the employees feel warmer and lighter in their heart centre and they also feel happier. You can also tell that the meditations open their hearts more and more by looking at their eyes, which become warmer. Their body language also softens. The employees notice that they find it easier to smile and that they have an increased desire to make other people happy. This desire grows and grows. This video shows what I mean.

When you meet the employees, you feel that there is something different about them and you feel their energy. Also, they don’t serve you mechanically, but more like a loving-kind mother. The hospitality they provide feels softer and gentler and more sincere. The employees greet you with a broad smile when they walk past you. You’re not just another person staying at the hotel. There is an atmosphere characterized by the desire to make people happy. This video shows an example of this spirit.

Where does this desire come from? It comes from the ongoing process of developing the spiritual capacity of the employees. This helps employees to be their authentic selves; to increase the softness of the hospitality they provide; and to infuse their hospitality with unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, which are the essence of true hospitality.

As you raise the energy of the employees, their energy affects the energy of the hotel, and you may notice this, especially if you are used to staying in hotels, which use the normal mechanical and emotionally-weak SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept.

If corporate hoteliers could understand and accept the energetic nature of everything, as well as the spiritual nature of human beings, hospitality could be revolutionised. But sadly, they can’t, so hospitality remains shackled within the confines of SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

The Nature of Heart-Based Hospitality

If you would like to know more about how Heart-Based Hospitality is different to the pervasive SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience, please refer to the book, which is available for purchase, called How to Create Heart-Based Hospitality: The Future of the Hotel Hospitality Experience by Peter McAlpine.