The Heart-Based Hospitality Services and Workshops

 We provide various workshops for senior managers, team leaders, and employees of all other levels so that they can create Heart-Based Hospitality.

  • The guest experience is very different from what one encounters in hotels generally, and eventually, it will become the norm in the hotel industry, which has no other direction to move in except one in which the focus is on increasing continuously the emotional, spiritual, and energetic feeling of the hospitality experience, and on providing hospitality, which is characterized by ever-increasing levels of loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

Inspirational Element

Every workshop includes an inspirational element of stories, music, and videos, which work on the hearts of the participants so that they not only believe that they can put the contents of the workshop into practice, but also so that they want to do so.


Click on the links below for information about the workshops:

Hotel Pre-Opening Workshops

How to Create a Heart-Based Hospitality Hotel

Senior Management Mission and Vision Statement Workshop (2 days)

Senior Management Workshop: To Turn a Hotel’s Mission and Vision into an Organisational Development Strategy (1 day)

Practical, Effective, and Inspiring Leadership Actions to Create a Truly Memorable, Energetic Heart-Based Hospitality Guest Experience (2 or 3 days )

The Heart-Based Hospitality Workshop Follow-Up Deepening Programme (1 day)

Vision Statement Deepening Programme

How to Create an Energetic Heart-Based Hospitality Guest Experience That is Strong in Loving Kindness, Compassion, and Heart-Warming Care (2 or 3 days)



How to Deal Effectively With Negative Feedback from Guests (1 day)

Train The Trainer (1 day or 2 days)

Effective Telephone Skills and Etiquette Workshop (Half a day or 1 day)