We Create Heart-Based Hospitality

Based on Unconditional Love, Loving-Kindness, Compassion, and Heart-warming Care

Incorrect Use of the Term ``Heart-Based Hospitality``

If Peter McAlpine did not help you to create Heart-Based Hospitality at your hotel or in your hotel group, please do not use the name “Heart-Based Hospitality” to describe your hotel’s or hotel group’s guest experience. Heart-Based Hospitality is not the same as the guest experience concept, SOP-Customer Satisfaction, which the hotel industry is using around the world. It is created in a very different way and the energy and spirit of hospitality it creates is quite unique. Please use another name to describe what you provide at your hotel. Thank you!


Clients & Testimonials

The Journey

Peter McAlpine, the Trainer, has helped with the opening of 25 four-star and mostly five-star hotels and resorts in China, Malaysia, the Maldives, Pakistan, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, and assisted hotels over 32 years in 14 countries from China to Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, many of the hotels have won accolades and awards within their country or internationally for the nature of their guest experience. This includes World Travel Awards up to the level of World’s Leading Hotel.

Commonly, General Managers comment about the increase in hotel occupancy, repeat business, and revenue, as well as the transformation of the employees, which they attribute to Heart-Based Hospitality being introduced in their hotel.

More About Us

Purpose of the Website

Creating the hospitality experience by working with energy and by developing spiritual capacity is not how the hotel industry works. There is not one hotel group that can even conceive there could be a better guest experience concept than the current, traditional, old-style SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept, which is used all over the world. This website was created and the book, How to Create Heart-Based Hospitality. The Future of the Guest Experience, was written for when the hotel industry finally and inevitably searches for an alternative direction, which meets the emotional, spiritual, energetic, healing, and wellness needs of human beings.

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Why Choose Us

Because we create Heart-Based Hospitality. In the future, the hospitality experience will be created by working with energy; by developing the spiritual capacity of the employees; and by infusing the operation with unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. There is no limit to the spirit of Heart-Based Hospitality.

Our Experience

Hotel Training Experience - 33 years
Developing Heart-Based Hospitality - 14 years
Hotel Pre-Openings Carried Out - 25
Countries Where Training Has Been Conducted - 14
Countries Where Hotels Have Been Opened - 12

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