What is Heart-Based Hospitality?

A Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience is very soft and gentle and strong in the energy of unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. It is very different from the pervasive, emotionless, and somewhat robotic SOP-Customer Satisfaction experience. Heart-Based Hospitality provides authentic hospitality, which is rooted in the forgotten spiritual essence of hospitality, namely unconditional love, compassion, loving-kindness, and heartwarming care; and it is created by working with energy, particularly heart-based energy, and by developing spiritual capacity. The latter is the focus of the follow-up deepening programme called The 11 Elements.

Heart-Based Hospitality is very different from the globally pervasive SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience norm. You create it by opening the hearts of the staff; by deepening the staff in the core spiritual values of hospitality; and by changing the energy emitted by the heart. You change this energy in a variety of ways, but the effect is that the hotel can develop in the staff a desire to want to show loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care to the guests. The desire grows naturally, and there are ways to make this happen. As the process unfolds, the energy of the thoughts, the heart, and the body’s energy field changes, which in turn affects the energy of the physical area of the hotel and the feelings of everyone in it. At the same time, the spirit of hospitality becomes more loving and caring, and the service activities become infused with this soft and gentle spirit. The future of hospitality lies in understanding and working with energy and developing spiritual capacity in a hotel hospitality context.

The Main Focus of the Workshop

The main focus of the workshop is helping the participants to create an energetic Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience which is strong in the essential spiritual values of hospitality, i.e. unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. It is very different from the generic SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience that one finds everywhere around the world.

The workshop will show them how to create a truly memorable Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience in practical ways. But more than that the workshop will touch their hearts with videos, music, and meditation techniques in order to create the desire to provide Heart-Based Hospitality. Over 2 or 3 days the participants will be introduced to many topics that they must understand and also to some energy techniques that will enable them to create Heart-Based Hospitality at ever-increasing levels. There is no ceiling to Heart-Based Hospitality unlike in the case of the SOP-Customer Satisfaction experience.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop enables a hotel to provide hospitality, which is strong in the essential spiritual values of hospitality as opposed to just providing quality and efficiency. It enables the participants to provide authentic hospitality, which is very soft and gentle and flows in an unlimited manner from the heart. It enables them to let their true self show.

The workshop serves to create the desire in the participants to show unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care to the guests. It does this by touching their hearts through music, moving stories about the core values of the guest experience, role-plays based on quotations that are deep examples of the core values, and by means of breathing, heart energy exercises, and energy meditations.

At the same time, these activities serve to change the energy of the participants and to make them feel happier. Indeed, at the end of each workshop, the participants usually say that they feel much better able to let out the love and warmth that is bottled up inside them.

The workshop also teaches the participants how to use energy and intentions to change the energetic feeling of the hotel.

Additional Information

The workshop increases and changes the participants’ emotional energy and heart energy, and this is further developed by an extensive follow-up deepening programme so that the spirit of unconditional love and the desire to create a genuinely warm and caring guest experience take root and grow continuously.

The standard for the role plays is the spirit in certain nature imagery-rich quotations.

Very effective techniques are used to:

  • Use energy to make the guests feel more peace in their hearts.
  • Send love energy to guests to make them and the sender happier and more at peace.

A lot of videos, moving video songs, and stories are used in the workshop to help the participants to really understand and feel what heart-warming care, compassion, and loving-kindness look like in practice, and to help them to want to create a truly memorable stay for the guests. The workshop can be quite an emotional experience, as a result.