We will provide a follow-up deepening programme with enough material for over 4 years so that the leaders can deepen the staff in the essential spiritual values of hospitality and increase their desire to show unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. It will help the hotel to infuse the hospitality with this spirit, and to make it softer and gentler. The follow-up programme, which is a part of the 11 Elements, is indispensable in this regard.

It will reinforce these core values so that the hotel can increase the energy and spirit of heart-warming hospitality throughout the hotel continuously. The spirit of this kind of guest experience will become stronger, even with staff turnover. When you change the energy, you change the experience. The programme is complementary to the hotel when it implements Heart-Based Hospitality.

It will take a few hours to go through the deepening programme so that the participants can use it.