Workshop Objectives and Focus

This workshop is for Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Senior Managers to develop the leadership skills and behaviours needed to support the process of creating a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience.

It focuses on the aspects of leadership, which are essential when creating a hospitality experience, which is strong in unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, and which is the focus of the guest experience workshop.

This is a very inspiring and practical workshop, which makes it very clear to the leaders what leadership actions, practices, and behaviours are needed to create a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience.

An extra day will be spent on explaining the 11 Elements and how to implement them. They enable the hotel to follow-up on the guest experience workshop. This 3rd day can be carried out shortly after the 2-day workshop has finished.)


This is not a general kind of supervisory skills workshop. It addresses the typical weaknesses of Team Leaders and Department Heads, including the important leadership actions and activities, which they often do not carry out.

It also addresses in detail the 11 Elements, which is a set of leadership actions, which will enable the leaders to create a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience. The 11 Elements consist of daily activities, which enable the leaders to deepen the staff and themselves about the core values of Heart-Based Hospitality; to create the required spirit, energy, and frame of mind; and to provide and practise ways to achieve it.

The workshop content is what leaders should be doing in order to be effective as leaders; in order to support the hotel’s vision, be inspiring, adapt to the changing times; and also to increase revenue. It is a “nuts and bolts”, practical kind of leadership workshop for leaders – 100% practical and down to earth, meeting the daily needs of the operation; and there is nothing theoretical about it. If they practice the contents continuously, they will have a major impact on the operation. The workshop has been created to support Heart-Based Hospitality and to help a hotel to move on from SOP-Customer Satisfaction.


The workshop includes a lot of videos, stories, and songs to inspire the participants to want to raise themselves to a higher level of leadership.

  1. Leaders … Make the Core Values Clear 
  2. Leaders … Focus on What Is Most Important
  3. Leaders … Provide Self-Development and Growth Opportunities
  4. Leaders … Introduce New Ideas, Are Innovative, and Creative
  5. Leaders … Want to Leave a Legacy
  6. Leaders … Are Always Positive and Optimistic
  7. Leaders … Get Rid of Old Ideas!
  8. Leaders … Are Openly Passionate
  9. Leaders … Create Waves and Shake Things Up
  10. Leaders … Focus on the Emotional Side of the Hotel Business
  11. Leaders … And Their Teams Exemplify a Unique Vision
  12. Leaders … Are Always Active
  13. Leaders … Strive Always to Make a Difference
  14. Leaders … Are Not Afraid to Make Mistakes and Fail
  15. Leaders … Love the Disorder When Creating Change
  16. Leaders … Develop Their Team Members
  17. Leaders … Don’t Create “Followers” But Rather “Leaders”
  18. Leaders … Always Show Respect
  19. Leaders … Say “Thank You!”
  20. The Action Plan