Peter McAlpine
Overview of Peter’s Expertise

1.  Creating a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience that is strong in the spiritual values of unconditional love, loving-kindness, heart-warming care, and compassion. He created the concept and direction and has developed it since about 2008.

2.  Opening the hearts of the employees so that they want to infuse the hospitality experience with the core spiritual values above.

3. Pre-opening and setting up 5-star hotels and resorts with Heart-Based Hospitality. This includes a wide range of workshops including Senior Management workshops, Team Leader workshops, Heart-Based Hospitality workshops, Train the Trainer, Telephone Training, among other training.

4.  Providing a new direction for the global hotel industry so that it can move on from the old-style concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

The Hospitality Experience Peter Creates
  • Peter McAlpine creates a unique Heart-Based Hospitality experience, which is very different from the unemotional and mechanical norm of SOP-Customer Satisfaction. It is created by developing the spiritual capacity of the hotel staff, and by working with energy, particularly, but not only, the heart energy of the hotel staff, which in turn changes the energy vibration of the staff and the energy of the hotel.  
  • As the process unfolds, the staff change noticeably as their heart opens and they become true to their authentic, loving, and caring self, and this increases their desire to show more loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. There is no limit or ceiling to the change process.
  • The spirit of hospitality changes and you can feel the difference when you are in the hotel. One hotel group owner with over 50 hotels and resorts commented once about how the resort where the Heart-Based Hospitality experience was created felt different from all of the group’s other resorts. Energetic and spiritual hospitality simply transforms the nature, spirit, and warmth of the hospitality experience. 
Hotel Training Experience Across the Globe Opening Hotels and Resorts
  • The 24 hotels and resorts are in Thailand, Maldives, China, Vietnam, Seychelles, and Malaysia.
  • The list includes hotels and resorts that went on to win national and regional awards, as well as a “Best in the World” award within 2 years.
Creating Heart-Based Hospitality in Operational Hotels and Resorts
  • The many hotels and resorts are in: India, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Cambodia, Seychelles, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the Maldives, and the UAE.
  • The list includes hotels and resorts that went on afterward to win recognition as “Best in the World” and “Best in Asia”, as well as “World Travel Awards”, such as World’s Leading Hotel and Most Romantic Hotel, for example, within about 2 years.